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December 19, 2003


today, i did the bulk of my xmas shopping and wrapping. everything is finished; all of the presents i think i am obligated to give are squared away. every so often, i'm surprised by someone i didn't know was going to give me something. i have a lot of trouble remembering from year to year whether i got things from the people outside of my immdiate family in the previous year.

i like this single day devoted to christmas shopping concept. i've never tried this before. i will have to remember it for next year. doing it on a weekday is probably key.

i think being very focused helped me to not make any impulse purchases for myself. well, ok, i made one-- a blouse for sale on $17. pretty much my best year ever in that department. to some degree, i was able to channel impulses to buy little luxury items for myself into impulses to buy them for other people. i fingered a lot of bubble bath in bath & body works, but in the end only bought some smelly candles for my aunt martha (with a gift receipt in case that's not her thing). I also bought a lot of high quality chocolate for other people, since that stuff is waaaaayyy off limits for me.

actually, there is one more thing i plan to do, but i'll put that in its own post.

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