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January 16, 2008

wotta day!

took mo in for a checkup this morning-- he's doing great, PCV looks really good, Dr. C smiled a lot and said "excellent" at least once. Those visits are much better than the ones where he looks sad and says "aww."

worked from home in the morning then went in to work for an afternoon full of meetings. i actually had a pretty good time talking with people about future projects, so long as i could push back that feeling of panic that we'll never get it all done.

after work i met m. for vietnamese night at Bahns. i used to eat the regular chinese menu there back when i was a vegetarian but i'd never had the vietnamese. i think the quality of the vietnamese food is probably better there than at dalat, but i like the breadth of the dalat menu. m and i talked about the ENIAC programmers because i'd heard one of them give an interview on the radio this afternoon. for some reason, i always find documentary information about early computing to be almost hair-raising. the first time i saw footage of the first windowing interface developed at Xerox PARC i almost fell out of my chair.

after dinner i ran some errands including, yes, believe it or not, buying bread (though not milk, as i'd gotten that last night). when the weather threatens i tend to buy more cans of soup that i can heat on my camp stove than i do bread and milk. i also got mo a special treat: ham baby food. i routinely mix chicken and turkey baby food into his food; ham is a special treat because they don't carry it at my normal store.

once home i did some chores, got mo all fixed up with a nice meal featuring some bits of cheese as an "appetizer", then his regular food + ham all warmed up in the microwave. he is as spoiled as any cat i have ever personally known. caught up on correspondence with J while watching some Simpsons reruns, and gave Mo a thorough grooming.

and so here it is, just after midnight, the day is officially over.

i really, really hope they delay work tomorrow. or close. i wanna stay home.

Posted by lisa at January 16, 2008 11:59 PM


"he is as spoiled as any cat i have ever personally known."

really?!? wow... that's saying a lot. i know some of the cats you know. :)

Posted by: xta on January 17, 2008 02:09 AM

Yay Mo!

Posted by: Stephanie on January 17, 2008 09:25 AM

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