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September 16, 2007


a nice and productive weekend. it took many people and two SUV's, but i now have four large solid wood bookcases sitting on my patio, ready for paint. J also helped me take a few large items to donate today. sadly, he spotted the woman handling donations putting the parts for my particle board bookcase (still perfectly usable, only in need of re-assembly, which I told her) in the dumpster, as we left. sigh.

we went to brunch at piedmont today with a host of characters, and the theme for this year's halloween party was born:


so get ready.

last night we grilled steaks and drank cocktails out on the screen porch. the weather has suddenly become real fall weather, after horrible, mean, hideous heat these last few weeks. it rained deeply friday, and though we need a lot more, it seemed to at least break the heat.

today, out of curiosity, we looked at an open house in the neighborhood. it's an unusual house: it's new construction. years of living in houses from the 40's has spoiled both of us, though. it was a nice house, but seemed cheap in so many ways-- the heat coming through the windows, the undersized heat pump struggling to cool the house on a relatively cool day, and the doorknobs inside the house were terrible cheap things that we both agreed we'd want to immediately replace. having a garage and 900 closets wouldn't be worth it. of course, as i walked into first of two walk-in closets, i had to say it: "It's a little SMALL."

the kitty and puppy seem to have reached an interesting stage where they just ignore each other. they can be mere feet away and take no notice. moses came into the living room and spent the evening with us in his sittin' chair last night. i think it helps that he has his own chair now.

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