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April 24, 2004


i'm too exhausted to write much, but just got back from seeing the van.

it's got more rust than i thought, and i've told the seller that i'll sleep on it and call him tomorrow. chances are, i'll be calling to tell him i want it. sean pronounced the rust cosmetic, not structural... meaning that if treated, it will be many years before it causes a serious problem-- if it even grows at all, which it may not.

mechanically it was surprisingly good. driving it would take some getting used to but i was already getting the hang of it in just a short test drive. the gears are much more difficult to locate than on other cars i've driven and you've really got to pretty much floor it to keep it from stalling out when you're going into first from a dead stop.

i think it may well be exactly what i was looking for-- mechanically sound, with a body solid enough that it'll hold together, but crappy enough that i can glue shoes to it with impunity. in fact, i told sean that maybe i'll just glue shoes to this one seam that's separated due to rust, and hold the fucker together that way! hell, it'd probably work...

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this is so exciting!!! wowie wow wow!

Did you take photos?

Posted by: Sarah on April 24, 2004 07:48 PM

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