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August 03, 2005

here's the score

i'll be gone for about a week i think, on my little roadtrip. thursday to thursday, unless i get distracted by something on my way home from indy. then i'll be bustin' and chillin' at home for a few days before going back to work.

sarah and i head out tomorrow at o-dark-thirty. or 8am, more realistically, though i'm aiming to be at her house by 7:30.

to get to the webcams, click the packs of gum to the right.

we'll run web cams tomorrow on the drive to louisville, but since we're both driving solo, don't expect continuous coverage. i know these systems well enough to know that the software will crash or the connection will drop, and it'll just have to stay that way til our next rest stop-- never try to reboot while driving. i know this from experience.

we'll run them some on friday and saturday too, but we've yet to figure out when the best times will be. the parade on saturday is a sure thing, i think, and that's from 1-2pm. Stephanie and Steph will be with us for the parade too so I am sure there will be wacky webcam hijinx. Four girls in an art car!

then after that i don't think there will be more webcams, but i'm sure i'll be blogging and posting lots of photos. i upgraded to a flickr pro account so i could go bonkers with the photos on this trip and not have to worry about it.

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