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August 09, 2005


on sunday we just hung out in indy, sniffin' BPAL, digging the steak n' shake, and we went to see 'charlie and the chocolate factory'.

yesterday, we went into chicago for the day. my plan, and maybe not such a good one. the drive in was high stress, and we somehow managed to only get to the art institute an hour and a half before closing; i'm still not exactly sure how that happened. still, that was enough time to see the things that i think we really wanted to see-- contemporary american art, which includes the famous hopper 'nighthawks' painting as well as 'american gothic'; i also recall georgia o'keefe, plenty of whistler (of course), mary cassat, and many others, plus some modern industrial design and an architecture gallery that included a frank lloyd wright stained glass window.

we visited the now-famous cloud gate scuplture, the big chrome blob that the city attempted to enforce a copyright on by not allowing anyone to photograph it. they've given up that particular tilt at that particular windmill, so we were able to photograph the small portion peeking out of a giant tarp-covered scaffold and not break any laws. why it was mostly covered, i'm not sure.

we then drove through rush-hour traffic (seriously, i have got to work on my big-city planning skills) and went to the fluevog store. i've been to fluevog stores in NYC, Boston, and Seattle; I've never seen one so large. the Chicago store is easily three times the size of each of those stores, and it was brimming with shoes, most of which were on sale. the saleswoman was incredibly friendly and we were the only customers, so we stayed for a long time and got lots of attention.

steph immediately found a pair of black, could-double-as-dress-shoes shoes for work and such, which she seemed very pleased with. i tried on half the store and came away with an utterly decadent three pairs (two of which were on sale), which i will photograph properly later. stephanie was frustrated; she tried on many shoes, but in the end, the one pair she liked was really too pricey and she decided not to buy them. damn, they were cute though. oh well. fluevogs are not cheap and you had better know you want them for that kind of money.

i got one pair of pink and white loafers that were designed for a woman in chicago called the pink nun. i haven't checked out her website, but she sounds like an interesting character. and damn, those shoes are cute!

anyway, we bolted out of town after the fluevog experience, tired and a little cranky. hit a denny's for dinner in indiana, then i drove us the rest of the way home because stephanie was falling asleep on the dinner table. it was nice driving her beetle, phoebe.

the internet here has been a little dicey with both of us trying to use it, so i probably won't be able to upload and caption all of my photos until i get back home. i'm not a very obsessive photo-taker, however; didn't even bring my big camera into chicago, so don't wait with baited breath or anything :)

today we're going to chill out again, and then tomorrow i'm headed home. i'm not up for another 12-hour drive, so i'm going to take two days to get home.

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Nothing to do with anything at all...but today while I was heading to the office I saw at the I40 and 54 intersection I saw a drop-side VW bus! Squeal! It was a really funky green and the paint actually didn't look like it had been restored. No visible rust. I would have taken a picture had I already not been traveling sideways going on to the 40E ramp!

I've been enamoured ever since I saw this one:

Posted by: Mr Pinky on August 10, 2005 10:31 PM

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