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July 25, 2007

Tonali, now with beer!

I took mom and Dan to Tonali for dinner tonight, and the food was extra tasty, perhaps in part because they now have their ABC license! dan and i both got Negra which was on draft and so delish.

during the planning of this evening, i had been informed that a trip to Loco Pops would be required, this was decided even before we decided on where to have dinner.

funniest story of the night was the story of mom telling stu about our forthcoming trip to atlanta to visit him and help him set up his new pad. she mailed him and said, "we can't come the weekend of -- because lisa has a wedding, and the next weekend dan is dog sitting, so we'll come the weekend of --." stu then called dan and asked, "is lisa getting married or something? am i THAT far out of the loop?"

uh, no, stuart. you'll PROBABLY hear about it if i get married-- hell, play your cards right and you might even get an invitation on paper and everything. after all, you are my brother.

and i thought i was out of the family loop! someone needs to start a newsletter or something.

Posted by lisa at July 25, 2007 10:21 PM


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