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December 18, 2003

thumbelina, part 2. With x-rays!!

Got my hand x-rayed. After a rather amusing conversation with the doctor at the radiology clinic, I got to take the x-rays with me.

serious radiologist: "The doctor wants to have a look at your hand."
(we go into a little dark room full of people and x-rays)

doc: "hi, i'm doctor so-and-so"
me: "hi, can i see my x-rays? can i HAVE my x-rays??"
doc: "um, can you have them, um, well..."
me: "well, i did pay for them."
doc: "actually, you paid for our interpretation of them."
doc: "well, maybe if we signed them out to you to take to your doctor and they somehow never made it to your doctor... and we never had this conversation."
doc (to the serious radiologist): "could you prepare a signout form?"
serious radiologist: (glare. stalk away.)
doc: "actually, i have all of my x-rays at home, all of my wife's, my kids'."

he examined my hand to make sure i didn't have "gamekeeper's thumb", which is where a very important tendon along the top of the thumb is torn. i'm happy to say that, not only do i not have any fractures, i do not have gamekeeper's thumb, either.

(it is so called because when landed gentry went hunting with gamekeeper in tow, if a bird was fatally wounded but didn't die immediately, it was the gamekeeper's job to wring its neck. occasionally, the gamekeeper would screw up and tear his own ligament in the process of killing the bird. because they didn't have the delicate surgery needed to repair the ligament, the gamekeeper would be disabled for life.)

apparently the doc had gamekeeper's thumb himself, because he showed me a little scar on his thumb right where the ligament is located.

anyway, i have the x-rays in hand (HA!) and if possible, i'll post them. because i am sure you are all dying to see the inside of my hand.

afterwards i went to char-grill. yum.

oh, and i had this thought that i should change the appearance of the splint. it's so ugly. painting it springs to mind. i could also knit a splint cozy, which might make it more comfortable to wear, as well as more fashionable.

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so what do you have??
are you undiagnosable??

Posted by: christa on December 18, 2003 03:58 PM

i have thumbelinaitis, which is an unspecified affliction of the thumb.

i dunno, "undiagnosable" sounds awfully dramatic. i strained something in my thumb.

Posted by: lisa on December 18, 2003 04:45 PM

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