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December 16, 2003


went to health care. she determined that it's probably a ligament in my thumb, and probably not a fracture-- but they want me to get my hand x-rayed tomorrow, just to be sure.

this was not the nurse practitioner who i usually see. i have to say that this one has a much better sense of humor and i kind of liked her better. something about the way i'd express myself when she pinpointed the painful motions tickled her and she started laughing so hard, she made me laugh too.

i didn't like her nurse though. the nurses and nurse practitioners come in pairs. the nurse i usually have is very sweet and chatty and she always wears the old-school flowered nurse's coat-thing, which somehow seems to say "i'm here to take care of you and this is where i want to be" more than street clothes. this nurse, who was not friendly at all, was wearing street clothes.

so anyway, she fixed me up with this crazy splint for my thumb and a prescription for-- surprise-- Anaprox, which is what I took for years and years for cramps, before it became available over the counter as Aleve. It's basically a powerful anti-inflammatory.

she also wants me to go see their physical therapist the first week in january. i tell ya, they do not do things in half-measures there at health care. at least the health care visit and the physical therapist will be free; the splint, x-ray, and prescription are not (though the Anaprox should be pretty cheap. I could just take the Aleve I already have, but baby i LOVE Anaprox, and I won't say no to having some around. That shit will knock some cramps OUT. And it'll knock you out too, if you take enough.)

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that is a crazy splint! crazier than the one i had when i was battling the first stages of carpal tunnel.

i'm thinking about going back to my orthopaedist to get my left wrist looked at. it's not carpal tunnel... it seems more bone-related this time.

good luck with the physical therapy!

Posted by: christa on December 16, 2003 10:17 PM

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