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November 05, 2006

things to be happy about

a lot of people feel depressed when the days get shorter, especially after the "fall back" of daylight savings time.

as per usual, i seem to be wired differently from most people. it makes me happy that it's dark when i go home. i no longer have to deal with blinding, painful sun in my eyes during the drive home, and i look forward to the coziness of a warm dinner and a few episodes of star trek.

there are also things about this time of year that i'm not alone in loving. peppermint mocha, anyone? oh lord. big pots of chili? i made one today.

we're going to get snow this year. we're due. i know the folks who live north of here probably can't understand how one could wish for snow, but it's different around here. sure, it can be embarrasing that a half inch of snow brings the area to a grinding halt, but one good snow in a year is such a treat. not a horrible ice storm that kills power for four days or a week, just a soft fall of white snow that closes work and gets everyone out on sleds.

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