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November 10, 2005

the very busy week and month and all

Sometimes, I am very busy and I hate it. My brain gets tired and I start being rude (or nearly rude) to people in desperation for quiet time alone.

Sometimes, there is a burst of hectic activity, followed by burnout, possibly panic attacks.

October was a busy month. It didn't bother me that much.

This week has been a week where all of my time is spoken for, from the time when I wake up, until the time.. well, until right now. Oddly, it's not a bother.

It helps that this week will end in a little vacation. A friend is coming to visit and it'll be a fun visit. Or at least, that's the current working theory. We're both skeptics. "If I don't alienate you before Saturday," he says, and I say, "or if I don't alienate you!" no assumption is left uninspected, between us, no question left unasked. This makes even being stuck in a traffic jam amusing, as we argue the probability that the jam is caused by Something or Nothing. "I bet it's Nothing," he said, and when it turned out to be rubbernecking I said, "define Nothing," almost before he could say, gleefully, "See! Nothing!"

In the movie Flirting Thandie Newton has a line, when someone comments on her attendance at a school dance, that she is "...just trying to lead a balanced life." Maybe that's what makes the demands of the week more tolerable than I might have found them in the past. I'm better at: getting enough sleep. Having a good breakfast. Letting one evening be going to see a movie.

We went for the beefcake, which was a good thing because it wasn't that great of a movie. It did not measure up to the yardstick against which all such movies are measured. Gyllenhall has something going on besides biceps, though, but then we knew that already.

At work I am doing the things I really like to do. Visual design, planning usability improvements, working out user interface interactions. Lots of pencil sketches, cutting and taping together bits of screenshots, and playing with office supplies which I swear is half the reason I like this part of my job.

I'm trying to work my way through a lot of station stuff, too. Fixing bugs in the playlist manager, and getting ready to plug a new web site into Plone. After nearly a googleplex of false starts, yes I think that familiar black and red web site might actually get the attention it needs.

I find blogging relaxing. I am happy to sit here on the sofa with my cat (who has been feeling neglected), nattering away. I think, though, that I should pay attention to that gnawing sensation in my stomach now.

Posted by lisa at November 10, 2005 07:11 PM


Mmmmmm . . . buff Jake Gyllenhall.

Posted by: minty on November 11, 2005 08:47 AM

i liked how it was a war movie with barely any war.

in that regard i liked "jarhead" MUCH better than "full metal jacket."

Posted by: xta on November 11, 2005 02:28 PM

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