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December 14, 2007

the most fun day ever.

so, moses' red blood cell count went down another two percentage points this week. they gave him an extra large dose. i lectured him on the importance of making some new RBC's. in all seriousness, though, i'm not feeling very hopeful. the anemia might be what gets him in the end, and that might be a matter of weeks at this point. i don't really know what happens after the Epo stops working. I mean, i have an idea of the exact ways in which anemia might kill him, I just don't know what treatment options will be available or at what point the vet will recommend euthanasia.

my efforts with the convertible roof last night resulted in white patches where i used the mr. clean magic sponge. i scrubbed it down again this morning and rinsed it well, but i thought i could see the white patches emerging again as it dried. fsck. i'll try taking it to a detailer this weekend. this is all SUCH A F-ING PAIN. i just want to sell the car and be done with it.

i went down to the tag office today to get the new car registered and, of course, line out the door. i'll go back next week at a weirder time of day.

so i stopped into a large retailer and, of course, yet more reasons to hate this time of year-- buying things for myself and not finding the presents i want for other people (okay, i can control that, but the temptation level is increased a thousandfold), and standing in line with F-ING MORONS. excuse me, "morans". heh heh. thanks, laurahcory for that one.

lady in front of me scolds toddler for running off in the most dulcet of babyvoice tones. think that kid's going to get the message? uh, no, and guess what? she runs off again. woman BEHIND ME says, "don't worry, we'll hold your place in line while you go get her." OH WE WILL, WILL WE? THANKS FOR CONSULTING WITH ME ON THAT EXECUTIVE DECISION YOU JUST MADE THERE, SPARKY.

happy holidays, y'all! uuuggggghhhhhhhh.

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