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November 15, 2005

the elusive mr. jalopy

oh, i have such a blog crush on mr. jalopy. from the first moment i found his blog (through, ok, my nemesis boingboing) i thought, "ooh, he's the coolest!"

he's verrrrry elusive, however. sure, he'll tell you all you want to know about POR-15, for instance, but there is little personal information available in his blog. what is this mysterious business that requires a welded metal sink stand in the bathroom? where does he get the money to a) have a garage in california and b) buy multiple ipods to casemod?

comments are not accepted on the hoopty rides blog. there's an e-mail link... but i've always been too shy to use it. i know i'll come across as a total fangirl (which i AM!)

but.. yesterday he posted a photo of himself! ok, not his face. but see, it's him! i swear, it must be. (what is he doing with his right hand?? ok, i probably don't want to know...)

Posted by lisa at November 15, 2005 09:00 AM


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