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April 03, 2005

the downtown scene

saturday evening visited the baldwin lofts open house with d&s. they're nicely appointed, but they're all studios. sounds like rent ranges from $825 - $1200, and that seems to include wireless internet and direct tv. given that there's also a strong sprint signal inside the building, one could conceivably save a lot not having to pay for cable, high speed internet and a land line.

we walked around downtown a bit, and managed to meet the fellow who owns the building with the florist sign attached. there's no florist there anymore, and he's trying to sell the place so he can move to seattle. he's asking $250k, but has no takers. right across the street is a place that looks pretty rough and completely empty, with $150 spray painted on a window. i'm guessing that means $150k.


this morning i did a good-enough-for-now repair on the westy's gas pedal and took her for a spin around the block. brakes are still soft so she'll be off to My Favorite Mechanic as soon as possible. it was marvellous driving her even that short distance, though. i miss her!

after the all-dj meeting, which was about as tedious as one might suppose, i headed out to see sin city with sarah & georg. it was stylish, violent, and actually pretty good. we had a nice discussion of the timeline and other oddities over dinner at the shaque de q.

feels weird to do so much stuff in a weekend. unfortunately, it means the weekly allowance goes very fast.

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