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April 25, 2004

that's for me to decide

a good piece of advice from sarah has become my mantra lately: "that's for me to decide".

it's empowering, really.

so the westy needs hoses. hoses, rubber hoses. no big deal. all engines need 'em.

so on that model year, they're "made of unobtainum" as one person put it. it's comforting that i can post to the diesel vanagon list saturday evening and within an hour or so have a definitive answer.

it's not so comforting that the answer is, "you can't find that part anywhere. you have to make 'em."

it's comforting that i already know someone who can probably make them and who needs the money.

it's not so comforting to really realize what a different world this whole westy thing is gonna be-- if i decide to go for it.

the 2" square of pure rust below the electrical hookup is also not so comforting. the more i think about it, the more i really don't like it. even less than i like the separated seam at the bottom of that panel. it's that one panel that's bugging me the most. the main camper business occurs behind that panel; it's a very common place for rust, but also one of the worst places for it (besides, say, the frame or the floor pans.)

i think there was a time when i would have wanted to discuss all of this with a lot of people, but mostly i've realized that everyone has agendas. whether they realize it or not, whether they want to have them or not, they do. for the record, i know i have plenty of agendas. sometimes i make an effort to keep them in check, and sometimes i succeed. but anyway, it's for me to decide if this van is a good idea or not.

that's one reason why bringing sean was so great. as jason said, "he's not going to tell you not to buy this car." and actually, that's my preference. i don't want to be told that.

sean's agenda is pretty simple: cars are neat. that's an agenda i can work with.

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I'll introduce you to my friend Keith. He has his own garage, and is one of those people who can fix something right pretty much no matter what, IMO.

Posted by: Joseph H. Vilas on April 25, 2004 02:10 PM

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