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July 17, 2007

teh feh.

what do you say when one of your oldest friends up and moves to the west coast?

as it turns out, not much. i'm usually one to blab about every thing that passes through my mind, but i don't much want to talk about this.

it finally rained here, today, which seems fitting.


in a last ditch effort to sell my BPAL chaos theory bottle, i bumped the price down to $5, which is a tiny fraction of what i paid for it.

i got a message from someone, i don't understand. you're selling the whole bottle for $5?

um, yes. it's a powdery, heavy floral. no one wants it.

can you describe which floral you're smelling?

man, all i know is that it hits every bad note that i hate except maybe vetiver and civet. maybe gardenia? jeez, i dunno.

there's a stinky perfume lady on my hall at work. if i can't sell it, maybe i should just slip it into her mailbox. she might like it.

funny the things that are selling, though. Shill, which smells exactly like buttered popcorn. The Pumpkin Patch, which smells about like you'd expect. i guess people are ready for fall, now that summer has really started.


the cat is sleeping an awful lot today. i wonder if i accidentally overdosed him yesterday? i thought i did a fur shot (when you squirt the insulin on the fur because you thought you had the needle in, but didn't), so i gave him a second dose.

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