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December 18, 2003

splinty goodness and other banalities

the splint hurts my hand. boo.

i'm going in a little while for the x-ray.

maxwell decided to keep the car overnight so mark, the guy who usually works on my car, could have a look at it. (mark was out sick on tuesday when i first brought it in.) mark performed the brake switch recall that i had forgotten i needed, and chances are that was the cause of the GPL. the dumbass service writer that i spoke with didn't know that, but i did and mark did, so that's pretty much what matters.

it occured to me as i was driving away that VW service writer might be a really great job for my friend BJ. she's a substitute rural postal carrier somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Maryland. She can't move until her daughter is 14 due to some bizarre custody agreement that was reached with her in-laws when her husband killed himself, so for the next 4 years she's gotta stick it out in this place with no economy or jobs.

so i've been trying to help BJ find a new career she can move into. why neither of us thought of the service writer idea before, i don't know. when we were first discussing the job thing, i asked her what she has a knack for, and she told me that she's really good at dealing with irate people. she's also a total VW geek-- way more than i am-- and clearly knows a hell of a lot more than mr. lameass dude at maxwell. when i suggested the idea to her, she was totally excited. the closest VW dealership is a bit of a drive, but we're talking about a woman who will drive to NC on a whim, or out to Wisconsin to pick up a set of new wheels for her car. Commutes don't faze her.

so anyway, spacepod is back with me (thank GOD! they had me driving something called a chevy "classic". what the hell is that?? it was hateful. i am so spoiled.) and the GPL is off, but the heat is making a very distressing noise. Well, the fan that blows the heat into the car. So i'm going back Friday morning to have mark remove the screwdriver that he left in my car or whatever it was.

i'm taking tomorrow off work to finish up my christmas shopping-- and, hopefully, the wrapping as well. tonight i must be extremely organized and have a total battle plan for friday so i can get it all done.

i saw LOTR last night with georg and his friend jeff. sarah was supposed to come, but she's been fending off the flu for almost a week now so she couldn't make it. it was good, but it wasn't fall out of your chair, spit on your neck good. my two major complaints are:

- the wigs looked really wiggy. i'm sorry, but that just bothers me. the movie is rife with amazingly hot guys and all of their looks are ruined by this wig thing on their foreheads.

- no humor. i'm spoiled by years of watching buffy; i want it all. drama, vast armies of orcs, people getting it on, and belly laughs. they still work the gimli/legolas friendly competition humor to good effect, and gimli gets off at least one good one-liner, but that's about it for humor in this thing.

the homerotic subtext is actually not really even subtext anymore; at the very end i actually thought for a few moments that frodo was going to give samwise a huge kiss on the mouth. he was kinda giving him that look.

it was fun. i didn't notice the 3 hours, i have to say. go see it, if you want to. don't if you don't.

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well, i didn't spit on anyone's neck but i did think ROTK was that good. it was slap-your-mama good. as good an ending as Fellowship was a beginning. just my opinion, natch. what i'm interested in is watching Two Towers again and seeing if my impression is changed by having seen Return

Posted by: georg on December 18, 2003 11:08 PM

georg, i'm really glad you didn't spit on my neck.

Posted by: lisa on December 18, 2003 11:12 PM

i'd never heard "spit on your neck good" before. is that a local thing?

Posted by: georg on December 19, 2003 10:42 AM

no, i think it's actually a line from an episode of friends.

Posted by: lisa on December 19, 2003 04:35 PM

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