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April 03, 2004

weekly report

just as i file weekly reports with my manager on the week's accomplishments, here i shall file a report on the week's getting-out-of-the-house-related accomplishments.

sunday, dinner and 'peking opera blues' with sarah and georg. i should really introduce myself to hank, the guy who runs screen/society. we corresponded a few years ago about the asian/american film fest that i was working on with sarah and christa, i think he'd remember me.

monday and tuesday.. i think i went on a fruitless shopping trip one of those evenings.

wednesday- the harder they come.
thursday- eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

friday- charo called me and asked if i wanted to have dinner. a no-brainer! we went to dales, then for a drink at the tapas bar, which appears to be slowly dying. makes for a nice quit bar to talk in. we did run into a couple of people we knew. then we nabbed christa, met up with mary, and headed over to the monster road party. where i saw karen cirillo! i was so excited! she'd never seen my email-- apparently her old email address is so spammy that she doesn't really pay much attention to it. but she got a big laugh out of the story and seemed happy to see me, too. of course, she's staying on my block, with jim and joyce, but i probably would never have seen her had i not gone to that party.

saturday- went thrifting with sarah, then to lunch. we went to the untidy museum, where they are letting folks wander into ooh la latte even though it's not open yet. a sign says open in two weeks. and it's totally fabulous! sarah and i were dying, if they have wireless internet, i swear we're going to be there all the time. even if they don't! and it looks like there's something stage-like happening in the front... we can only hope... as we were walking out we were discussing where to go to lunch and a guy who was also walking out started helping us with suggestions. we finally decided on the q shack, which definitely hit the old spot. i'd never had the cobb salad there before, and it's great. a nice way to have salad but also have decadent bbq meat.

now i am hacking away at the allpods web site design, and debating whether i can take being out any more. i got invited to a party tonight, and karen will almost certainly be there... i'd really like to talk to her some more. so i should go.

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ooh la latte is totally adorable! i hope it'll be successful and stuff based on the walls alone.

Posted by: alicia on April 4, 2004 10:05 AM

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