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November 18, 2003

the mystery that is dreadlocks boy

ok so people sometimes mystify me. boys, especially. dreadlocks boy in particular right now.

our endless email correspondence continues. i let it drop for a couple of weeks; frankly, it's a little boring. but i decided to get back to it last night.

as always, his reply is instant. in fact, it had arrived before i even rolled out of bed (admittedly, rather late).

and it's a nice banal reply. cars, i'm sorry you were sick, blah blah blah.

and then for some reason, he decides to tell me about a plumbing problem in his house. apparently, his upstairs bathtub is clogged so badly that plunging and draino just made it worse. and he'll have to wait for it to clear before he can snake it.

i mean, keep in mind, my relationship with this guy consists of one date and about four and a half months worth of email. i'm not his wife; i'm not his girlfriend. i'm not someone he hangs out with. we're not housemates. we're barely even friends. why do i want to hear about his clogged drain?

i guess it was just on his mind.

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