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November 02, 2003


halloween is a big deal for me. christmas is nice, but i'm not a christian, and there was some stuff a while back that made it kind of suck for me for a while, so it's not the big deal it was for me when i was a kid. easter is kind of a joke to me; it amuses me to see christians participating wholeheartedly in a supposedly christian holiday that also includes bunnies and eggs, without questioning for a moment where these pagan fertility symbols fit into the resurrection of christ. I'm not particularly patriotic, so fourth of july doesn't do much for me. I'm not Jewish or Muslim or any other religion, so that eliminates a whole host of potential holidays. Thanksgiving is ok, but there's that whole decimation of Native Americans thing that kind of sticks in my craw and all.

So yeah. That pretty much leaves me with Halloween, which I adpoted as my official favorite holiday sometime in the mid 90's. Halloween is a holiday that I can make be however I want, and I don't have to politely tolerate other people's religious observances, I don't have to drive my grandmother anywhere, I can dress in all the black I want, and I can have ALL of my friends over for a big, fun party.

Except this year I didn't. I had taken on too much in the month before Halloween and I decided sometime in the beginning of October that it wasn't going to happen.

When the day came, I was kinda sad. Sad enough that I even started planning the party that I will have next year. It'll be on Saturday the 30th, and you're probably invited if you know about this blog. I'd like to get some outdoor elements happening, so I might finally research night blooming plants and the like. I have a whole year, so that definitely gives me time to plant a garden specifically for the party. seriously!

So on the night of, I made last-minute plans with sarah and georg. They brought over pulled chicken and brisket from the q shack (YUM!), i steamed up some green beans and drenched them in butter, and we fielded my trick-or-treaters until the candy ran out, at which point we went to a nearby block party and hung out at Joe's house for a while.

I finally had a chance to break out a couple of really choice vintage items that I've gotten in recent years; a black velvet half-cape that's in astounding condition except for the rather decrepit fur trim, and a black parasol that's in an advanced state of disrepair. paired with a long black skirt and pointy black shoes (fluevogs are the shoe of choice for halloween yet again!) it gave a nice victorian effect.

After Joe's place, we headed out to carrboro for a party thrown by someone we know from the radio station. it was truly the geekiest party i've ever been to. how geeky was it? well, there was a guy with a shirt that said, "There's no place like". how geeky am i? not only did i get it, i thought it was damned funny and complimented him on his shirt.

(for the non-geeky: is the IP address for localhost-- ie, "home".)

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