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January 13, 2006

friday night

tickets found:
2/24/89 - 1000 airplanes on the roof, Duke
2/16/89 - Al Green
4/4/90 - something at the Artscenter
7/1/?? - Royal Crescent Mob
1/24/91 - breaking away, duke bryan center
11/8/90 - in cold blood, bryan center with jonathan
11/?/90 - metropolitan, the varsity
1/5/91 - l'amie de mon amie, art museum
11/27/90 - 8 1/2 - duke
4/2/91 - cyrano de bergerac, varsity
3/24/91 - a room of one's own, lamb's theater, 130 w. 44th st, nyc
4/26/91 - morthiam drums of fire, the palace international, 117 w. parrish st, durham
3/3/91 - sleeping with the enemy
12/16/90 - edward scissorhands
6/20/90 - back to the future III
12/26/90 - godfather III
2/17/91 - la story
6/30/90 - betsy's wedding
5/10/90 - mountains of the moon

i could have gone out tonight, but i really didn't want to. i should have though, because tonight is the night my neighbors spend a couple of hours singing tunelessly to the slow jamz in their head, out on the side porch. good times.

don't ask me why, i just never feel like going out any more, except sometimes out to dinner.

Posted by lisa at January 13, 2006 08:52 PM


now, how many of those shows do you actually remember?

i don't feel like going out any more, either, except to small group gatherings of friends.

Posted by: xta on January 13, 2006 11:24 PM

i have distinct memories of fourteen of them. there were easily three times as many movie ticket stubs that i didn't feel like transcribing, and i found that i had distinct memories of most of them.

i cannot remember what "morthiam, drums of fire" was, which is odd, because that sounds awesome. i bet jonathan went with me and i bet he remembers. i also don't remember seeing royal crescent mob, and find it a bit embarassing that i did see them.

there are many shows i don't remember, but many where i had highly memorable, satisfying experiences. but i just don't feel that way about rock shows any more.

it occured to me the other day that the only music that really excites me is usually too old to hear live (like jamaican music of the 60's) or originates in a country i wouldn't feel safe visiting (most of africa, and the parts of jamaica where the music comes from).

i did notice today that the trojan record label puts on shows in london. maybe those would be fun. i could go to london again.

i do know that i am more interested in food as experience (rather than to satisfy cravings) than i ever have been in the past. and my interest in travel seems to be peaking again.

Posted by: lisa on January 13, 2006 11:36 PM

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