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November 13, 2004


man, i have been tired all day. tired.

also, i could swear there's a song lyric that contains the phrase, "endless cups of tea" but i can't place it and neither can google. squeeze maybe? something british surely.

i seriously tapped myself out this week. yet i am still missing out on things... hanging out with my new pal j. last night, also sharon jones at kings last night, shark qwest at ooh la tonight and while it looks as if i will make a brief appearance at the evil genius shindig occuring nearby, i think the key word there will be brief.

my hope for tomorrow is that i will have the energy to take in a matinee. possibly, i might clean up a week's worth of crap in the kitchen if i feel really energized. oh, and the starlite people are clamoring for an update to the site, which is only reasonable.

i did go out for a bit today, some reading at ooh la (coffee boy was not wearing his hat! a fact on which i felt the need to comment.) and got into a brief conversation about dionne warwick and walker texas ranger with coffee boy and a guy sitting at the coffee bar, drinking a pbr. that place is one weird scene and i love it. bought sox at target and a huge, heavy loaf of bread at great harvest, which i've not done in years. yum.

otherwise i have been one with the sofa, either napping or watching movies, including the original 'alfie' with michael caine. one of the good caine movies of the 60's, it's got a surprisingly frank section about abortion in it, and i can't say that it comes out clearly on the side of either pro-choice or pro-life. what do you know-- a gray area. a concept we don't understand in this country. i guess because then, it would be difficult to legislate every aspect of people's behavior and we'd just have to trust them to use their judgement.

ok, all of this typing has exhausted me and i have to rest up for my big evening out.

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i've got it. the song is on a compilation i have called, "goodbye to all that".


Posted by: lisa on November 14, 2004 12:45 AM

i've been tired, too. a gallon-sized latte compelled me to at least begin cleaning the garage, though. (a truly terrifying experience.) i've also done a million other little chores around the house that have been piling up. for being so damned exhausted, i sure got a lot done today.

plus i watched 2 movies! requiem for a dream (loved it) and y tu mama tambien (loooved it).

time for bed now. maybe.

Posted by: christa on November 14, 2004 01:24 AM

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