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December 07, 2003

another painful and satisfying evening at wheels family fun park

more painful than i thought, actually-- i really f'd up my left hand. i'm happy to discover that i can pretty much type.

well it was really killing me that i'd missed thursday and friday of the great cover up at kings; in particular, i regret missing kraftwerk and the smiths with viva as morrissey. so i decided to drag my introverted ass out-- alone, even-- all the way to raleigh to catch the saturday night show.

except that i got partway down the road and realized that i really wanted to hang out with friends, and wasn't sure if the people i wanted to see would be there. so i decided to go to the xdu/xyc skate party with christa and charlotte instead.

i didn't think i was in the mood to actually skate, but of course once i saw people out on the rink having fun, i had to grab some skates and get out there. the old knowlege came back pretty quickly and i made many rounds doing really well.

unfortunately, christa wiped out pretty badly and hurt one of her knees :( charo set her up with an ice pack and she patiently waited the rest of the night out.

and then i wiped out and landed on my ass and my hands. i actually didn't skate any more after that; guess all my bravado evaporated. i discovered afterward that all but one of the wheels on my left skate were not turning freely, which probably contributed to the fall. note to self: check all wheels before skating.

sadly, there wasn't much of an xdu turnout-- pretty much me, christa, julie humprey and jeff herrick. but the rink was crowded with xyc hip kids. the chicks were all wearing super tight new-looking jeans with deep cuffs. grunge has definitely been weeded out of the style vocab of the younger chapel hill hipsters i guess.

when the cat woke me up early this morning to be fed, my left hand was really hurting. specifically, the joint at the base of my thumb. it's difficult to grasp things. i'm a little worried that i won't be able to drive very well.

however, i feel that a peppermint mocha will definitely make my hand feel better, and i'll have to drive to go get it, so that'll be the test :)

pictures christa took

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