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July 07, 2007

sick. again.

in virginia. the cold that's been dogging me for over two weeks now has come on strong again and i've been varying degrees of miserable all day.

got a lot of research for nbeast done, though-- j and i met up with my old friend warren in yorktown and it looks like he's arranged a great location for the event this year.

j drove me all around the area looking at hotels to research, and then helped me work through some of the financial stuff which needs to be figured out in order to get registration up.

so in other words, he's been completely patient, totally helping me with my weird vw interest, and has been fairly un-grossed-out by my progressive illness. awesome boyfriend.

tomorrow i drive home, the drive up was horrific. well, the first three hours were great; the last 20 miles took an hour and a half and i NEVER WANT TO DRIVE AGAIN. happily moses was perfect the whole way and just slept on the front seat, perfectly content.

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