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February 22, 2005


yesterday, i added a new component to my lengthy morning ritual: exercise. i set the alarm 30 minutes earlier and took a walk.

it went fine, i didn't scrape my knee, destroy my glasses or break my arm. i didn't get mugged. i was not chased by rabid dogs. i did see vomit on the ground but it wasn't too gross. i did see young children waiting by the side of the road get into red minivan rather than a school bus, but it was probably ok.

today at lunch i commented to d. that it's completely absurd that i need three hours in the morning. it is, it really is. the schedule breaks down something like this:

  1. thirty minutes of lingering in bed after the alarm goes off
  2. thirty minutes to walk
  3. thirty minutes to cook and consume breakfast
  4. thirty minutes to surf the web
  5. thirty minutes to shower, dry hair, and dress
  6. thirty minutes to drive to work

yep, that's three hours. and that's about how it breaks down.

d. suggested i bring the camper to work to eliminate #6, but that doesn't seem like the logical 30 minutes to eliminate. the cost/benefit analysis doesn't really pan out on that one.

i'm thinking #1 and #4 could be eliminated or at least combined. but in reality, i'll probably just skip #2 a lot in favor of extending #1.

Posted by lisa at February 22, 2005 12:29 PM | TrackBack


am i daft? don't you surf the web all day at work? don't you shower, dry hair, and dress all day at work?

Posted by: rick on February 22, 2005 01:19 PM

maybe you could prepare breakfasts ahead of time (like you prepare dinners in advance)?

we buy a big hunk o' bacon, cook it all up on the weekend, then snack on it all week long.

mmmm..... bacon.

Posted by: christa on February 22, 2005 02:19 PM

rick!: you are daft. i do not, in fact, surf the web all day at work, nor do i shower, dry hair and dress all day at work. oddly enough, i work at work.

christa: i actually don't want to eliminate stage #3... it's my favorite part. i also usually do the previous day's dishes while the bacon is cooking and i kind of like that.

Posted by: lisa on February 22, 2005 04:13 PM

What's wrong with a three hour perparation time? I mean, obviously that time comes out of your post work evening, but is that harming you any?

Posted by: Jason! on February 23, 2005 08:58 AM

no, it's not really harming me. and this morning, i've pared it down to an hour so i could sleep in.

the main reason i shifted my work hours back was to recover from a lingering insomnia problem i developed over the summer, and somehow being able to sleep until 8:30 is the magic bullet that solves that problem. so i don't want to get so attached to a 3 hour morning schedule that i can't sleep in when i need to... but this morning proves that that's not happening.

Posted by: lisa on February 23, 2005 09:26 AM

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