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September 30, 2005

the hottest song i have heard in a long time

offa "studio one scorcher", "shockers rock" by an all-star cast of: Tommy McCook, Richard Ace, The Skatalites And Disco Height.

this makes me think of a room full of hot, sweaty people getting down so hard that the floor is bending underneath you, like that party at rick!'s old house.

it has this crazy break in the middle where it seems like the song ends, then immediately picks up into a new song that then becomes the old one. might be jarring to people who are seriously getting their groove on (as they should be), but nevertheless: hot, hot hot.

p.s., the thing about being drunk is that it may not get me to bed any earlier, but i just don't care anymore how tired and sleep-deprived my sorry ass am.

Posted by lisa at September 30, 2005 12:33 AM


Drunk? "my sorry ass am."? On Friday morning?

Posted by: Phil on September 30, 2005 02:01 PM

did you get a good night's sleep?

Posted by: christa on September 30, 2005 02:32 PM

you know, i knew that was bad grammar-- i just thought it sounded cute when i wrote it.

i did not, in fact get a good night's sleep.

sometime during the night, i was awakened by brushing my hand against some part of a cockroach's shell that hurt my hand. so i had to get up to deal with that situation.

then around 6am i woke up and couldn't fall back asleep.

Posted by: lisa on September 30, 2005 02:55 PM

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