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April 25, 2004


well, christa has covered the subject pretty well already.

i have to say that as stadium shows go, this was one of the most pleasant experiences i've ever had. getting there early and tailgating was really nice, and my personal visit to the box office paid off with much better seats than we'd have otherwise had. i liked the huge, clear video monitors; there was some loss of immediacy, but at the same time it was great to really see the expressions on his face, especially during the acoustic set-- he's such a ham.

there were these three women in front of us who just killed me-- they were in perfect sync the entire time! it was like his backup singers from a previous tour had been relegated to the nosebleed seats, or like they'd been practicing at home. they were in a sub-balcony, sort of below us, so they were perfectly silhouetted in front of us, without obstructing our view.

conceptually, i think one of the highlights of the show was hearing maceo parker work the flintstones theme song into... hm, was it 'let's go crazy' maybe? i can't quite recall. but the finale was definitely the highlight, with an all-out version of 'nothing compares 2 U'.

the after-party, i have to admit, left a bad taste in my mouth. i was crashing pretty hard by the time we got there, and the combination of exhaustion, wooziness (not sure what was up with that-- but i felt unsteady on my feet. i wasn't drunk though..), the loud music, lights flashing, lots of smoke both chemical and cigarette, and the frustration of standing around, hoping he'd make an appearance, was too much. around 2 or so i plowed through the crowd and found mary and said, "i really don't think he's going to play." i felt bad being the one to ask everyone to leave, but it obviously was just not going to happen.

i guess i got to bed around 3:30 and woke up five hours later feeling intensely nauseated. i guess tons of carbs + exhaustion + whatever else = sick lisa. it didn't pass until 11, right before sean arrived. i was relieved that i could go see the westy and feel ok, but i didn't eat anything until about 3 that afternoon.

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