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December 02, 2003

on air tonight

i'm on the air tonight from 8-10pm eastern.

live playlist will be here

Posted by lisa at December 02, 2003 06:36 PM | TrackBack


damn! looks like it was a good show (and i'm not just saying that cos you played 6 CDs i reviewed) but i missed it cos i was watching "year without a santa clause"
and, yes, it will be on again saturday. and again on sunday. and probably several more times this month.
too much!

Posted by: georg on December 2, 2003 11:15 PM

thanks! i feel so out of touch with the playlist these days... being on once every two weeks isn't enough to absorb it all. the one cd that i remember from last time that i knew i wanted to play (need new body) was no where to be found-- guess it's off the playlist.

i found 'the year without a santa claus' with tivo so i am all set to get it and 'rudolph' in the next week or so.

Posted by: lisa on December 3, 2003 09:46 AM

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