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April 13, 2004


rasputina is a three-piece: two women in corsets playing heavily amped cellos and singing; one stringy man back in the shadows, wailing on a massive drumset.

the front-woman is fond of the witty banter between songs:

"zoey and i like to get back to our classical roots when we have a spare moment, which is seldom. of course, we trained classically. anyway, we recently discovered some composers that we like, an obscure pair of sisters, sort of like the bronte sisters but composers. we like to play their music when we get the chance. so here's one of their pieces."

i have heard heart play "barracuda" live in dorton arena.

i have heard rasputina play heart's "barracuda" live at the cat's cradle.

the rasputina version is a lot better.

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...not to mention the led zepplin & CCR covers!

then there were the little irish jigs and tender love songs.

those ladies know how to put on a good show!

(then there's the overabundance of "i can't get no satisfaction" covers on WXYC on the radio on the drive home...)

Posted by: christa on April 13, 2004 12:50 AM

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