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July 22, 2005

all glass, all the time

i love philip glass. well-- his music. his early music. i've seen him perform live twice, i went to that terrible 3-d film that he scored, i even met him (sort of) when he brought powaqqatsi to duke. i've got a pristine first press of 'Einstein on the Beach' on vinyl that i scored at Ameoba in Berkely. there's a part in EotB where i swear they're saying my name over and over again. i'm a fan, although i don't listen to his stuff so much these days.

so today...

1. dj BC (the same fellow, i believe, who brought us the Beastles) hit boingboing with a set of Philip Glass / hip-hop mashups. yeah, ok, boingboing earned its keep today. and it was even xeni who posted the link.

2. the new Battlestar Galactica ep that aired tonight featured a Glass piece quite prominently. i knew it was glass; had no idea which piece or even which album. happily, the BG message boards not only had an ID on the song, but a link to a free d/l. thank god.

those songs get in your head like a virus.

Posted by lisa at July 22, 2005 11:41 PM


I saw Philip Glass once, eating at Veselka, one of the innumerable Polish coffee shops in the East Village. My dining companions, I recall, were excessively impressed that I recognized Philip Glass (I mean, why wouldn't I?)
How are the mashups?

Posted by: georg on July 23, 2005 07:52 AM

indeed; his photo is on almost every record he's ever put out!

some of the mixes are f-ing brilliant. i don't like really harsh hip-hop so a couple turn me off because they're too much in that direction. 'Stand Up Dance', 'Gangsta Rubric', and 'Glass Prison' are my three favorite so far.

i'm putting together a mix that includes these, the BG tune, some other glass, and some stuff i've heard recently that reminds me of glass. i can send a copy your way if you like.

Posted by: lisa on July 23, 2005 09:06 AM

Hi Lisa--my Amoeba Hollywood bumpersticker is on the same mothership minivan as my WXDU bumpersticker. Amoeba rules.

I got my "black mail" yesterday--thanks! And if you want an Amoeba Hollywood bumpersticker in return, say the word, I've got an extra around here, it's yours. We go there every couple months, I mostly stock up on the $2.99 clearance international stuff, and take chances in the rows of $1 rock bins. (There's no listening station, but for a buck, some things beg to be bought unheard.) They still sell vinyl too, lots of vinyl.

Posted by: Penny on July 23, 2005 09:27 AM

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