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March 14, 2005

the things you learn

the contractors just told me that my bathroom was apparently remodeled at some point to include a very small linen closet. the wall was moved forward and a new toilet pipe was installed. the old pipe is still there. so they came upstairs asking where the second bathroom was, thinking there were two back-to-back. that explains the odd little extra space on the back bedroom closet-- that space used to be part of the bathroom! this is all over the crawlspace which is one reason i never noticed it, i never go into the crawlspace.

not sure how i feel about this. the closet is nice and i make very good use of it, but the bathroom is insanely small. it was a good quality remodel, though, so i feel pretty good about it. when i put a pedestal sink in, the bathroom is going to feel a lot larger.

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