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January 02, 2004

the kitchen project

over the break, i've been gradually attacking my food pantry, which has been a huge project.

not the least of it has been the spices. over the years i've accumulated (and subsequently hidden in mounds of clutter) many little jars and baggies of spices. in the last week, i've unearthed all of these, thrown out lots of them, added an additional spice rack to accomodate everything, and stored them all in labelled glass jars.

because some of the spices were quite old, i had the opportunity to see what a difference glass jars make in keeping the spices fresh. the little plastic baggies that you get at wellspring are the worst of course-- most of that stuff had to be tossed. the plastic bottles from the grocery store aren't that great, either. really aromatic stuff like cinnamon and dill survive ok, but more subtle things just lose all their pretty smell if kept too long in plastic jars.

to give you some idea of just how old some of these jars were-- when i went to recycle them, i found that some of the plastic jars didn't have recycle marks on them-- so they had to go into the trash, sadly. (i really wanted to think of a way to re-use them, because they're so cute, but i couldn't think of anything.)

here are the old spice jars, cleaned and drying.

now, the original set of spice jars came from sarah bell and claire ashby. yep, rock star spices! i moved into their apartment, about a million years ago, and they left some stuff behind that they didn't want anymore.

i'm not sure why sarah left the spices behind; in fact she told me that she always thought that having a spice rack meant that you are an adult. one thing that has always amused me is the jar of star anise. why they would have whole pieces of star anise is beyond me; i've never seen it called for in any recipe. i did once use some of it for an aromatic collage. so i did decide to keep the anise, even though i may never use it. unfortunately, sarah's hand-written label had faded and peeled so badly that i had to replace it.

so here's the mostly-completed project (a few additional jars are drying after washing.) it looks so small, but it probably took me an entire day, all together, to do this.

those who have fed my cat can attest to what an improvement this is... but the really scary part remains-- the floor of the pantry, which is full of... i'm not sure what, actually. well, i have some idea. i'm kind of afraid. i know there's a bottle of floor wax that i bought about eight years ago and never used. not quite sure what to do with it now.

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that looks tremendous.

you must feel so good!

Posted by: christa on January 2, 2004 09:31 PM

Hey! Can't wait to see the photos, but I'm on a computer with dial-up and no images (so 20th century!) so I'll see them when I get home.

Can I ask you a favor? There's a show on Food Network tonight about low carb. Could you Tivo it for me? I forgot :( I think it's at 9 or 10 pm. Thanks!!!

Posted by: Sarah on January 4, 2004 03:35 PM

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