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March 14, 2005


soon i will walk through the house with bare feet
soon i will hug moses on the bed and not have to close the door after me
soon i can go to the basement and do laundry and not worry about dragging it through mud
soon i can walk into the kitchen without a shock of cold air
soon my bathroom floor will be clean
soon my hall floor will be clean


jason came over after dinner at federal and he said, you know, i don't know how you've done it.

got to federal and immediately started yelling at people. seriously, i never do that kind of thing. i had no idea i was so fucking cranky and felt so crappy until i sat down at the table. i think i was really, really hungry and didn't realize it somehow. there was lots of geeky talk about star trek which i found immensely cheering. it was helpful that a particular member of the wxdu staff who is both supremely geeky and supremely funny was on hand to chill the shit out.

i don't know, i didn't feel like apologizing. usually i apologize when i lose my shit

i've gotta get the dirty cold hallway ready tonight so they can come saw a hole in the lath and plaster and jesus, i hope i made the right decision to let them cut holes in the house. i guess anything that goes wrong can be repaired.

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