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January 22, 2004

sliding doors.. and cabinets... and chairs..

i've been shifting a lot of stuff around in my house this week. it's like a puzzle, one that has no right answer, though i can never quite convince myself of that. but i have finally come to the realization that if i have an idea, i might as well implement it, without worrying too much whether it's the right way to do something.

except i couldn't quite bring myself to drill holes in the floor to run cables, so i now have cabling run across the floor in a most awkward way. try not to trip if you come over. i did tape them down, at least.

but the nicest thing is... i'm making headway in the back bedroom. it's the place where the clutter goes to die, a room that has been largely non-functional almost since i moved in four years ago. it needs purging, which won't happen this week, but what i'm doing now will make it easier to purge in the next week or so.

i took a chair out of that room and added it to the living room; it looks hideous. but if i take the non-functioning sewing machine to goodwill saturday, then it can go in my bedroom, where it will look nice!

see, it's like a puzzle.

i now have the stereo in the sideboard that sits in the middle of the living room. the turntable is on top of the sideboard. i like this arrangement, because it makes it very easy to just walk up to it and put a record on.

buffy note: has anyone else noticed that robia la morte, who played jenny calendar, is now in a new york times commercial?

huh. it also turns out that she's on the cover of a prince album.

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