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March 10, 2005

keeping the home fires burning

so tonight's lesson is: building a fire is key. certainly i'm just in a better mood, but a fire makes a big difference, not just in how warm the house feels, but in the general cheerfulness level of the living room. physical warmth and... ok, don't gag. emotional warmth.

i also took d.'s suggestion and boiled water on the stove in the kitchen. that plus my humidifier heated the kitchen to the point that i opened the curtain between the two rooms and let the moist heat mingle with the dry heat of the fireplace.

i've gotten a lot done tonight, and of course that keeps me warm and energized, also. the "shower stall" is completely down now. the floor of the basement around the furnace and in the probable new position of the furnace is fairly clear.

i've also pushed many gallons of water into drains. i dunno, it's just kind of a habit. it's sort of meditative :)

as i contemplate the floor, and the valleys and ripples the water has worn in it, i'm starting to wonder if what i really need is new concrete down there. i wonder how much it would cost to have a new floor poured? it seems like too large of a job for me to do myself, even if i could divide it into sections. at the very least, i'm going to have to level the areas with grooves with small amounts of new cement before i seal it.

still a few more things to do before bed... tape on the glass of the windows that are near a duct, so they survive the duct being taken out (hopefully); take the trash out.

tomorrow should be interesting.

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