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November 19, 2006

do what mary says

so this morning i woke up knowing the yellow in the kitchen is wrong. it's too green. and it needs to be semi-gloss, not satin, and i need to really sand those areas where the paint peeled.

shayne came over and she finished up the second color coat in the dining room while i knocked out the cabinets and some of the trim in the kitchen.

she went home and brought back her yellow paint samples. i was deep in indecision mode. we pondered samples over sandwiches. sarah came in.

so sarah worked on trim in the dining room and i worked on the kitchen some more and i deferred the decision on yellow.

then mary walked in. there was nothing we could really give her to do. she has great taste and good color sense. so i gave her a swatch of the dining room paint, a spare floor tile, and sent her to the store to pick out a new yellow.

she brought back many samples-- but of course, she had a favorite. so that is what i'll try. it looks very harmonious with the dining room paint sample. we'll see!

as a bonus i fixed some peeling paint in an adjoining door frame, painted the bathroom window which has never looked right (my theory: it was primered, but someone forgot to actually paint it), and painted the wood window switch plate that J trimmed to fit the awkward bathroom switch.

i am very sore. tomorrow: sanding. after all of this, painting the walls of the kitchen is going to be cake.

Posted by lisa at November 19, 2006 10:08 PM


Man, that's quite the talent collection you've got working on your kitchen!

I once painted my kitchen a full-gloss greened-out yellow. Boy was that a mistake. Especially since I already had the avocado counter tops. Ah well.

I look forward to seeing yours in all its glory.

Posted by: Phil on November 20, 2006 01:04 AM

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