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March 07, 2005

demolition time! boo-yah!

it's a warm day and i'm in a damn good mood.

my hvac contractor just left. we sorted out the routing of the new central return and the exact way the unused old returns will be blocked off (from the back, with insulation, so in the living area the appearance will not change). i'll be able to remove the grates at my liesure, sandblast them and repaint them.

demolition of the old system should begin this week! and of course, he was tickled pink when i showed him the nice, clear entryway into the basement.

oh, but the demolition doesn't stop there! i took at look at that crazy fiberglass "shower stall" thing and i think it's going to be easy to remove. it was a very slapdash job. i have NO IDEA why someone put that damn thing in. i can't wait to take it out, and it'll make work easier on the installers. and since my contractor is considering moving the location of the furnace, when the shower stall thing is gone, i'll have a huge open space in which i can build a workshop-- and it's also one of the dryest parts of the basement.

today i went to the local mega-lo-hardware-mart and purchased what i am fondly calling my $45 Water Intrusion Solution. three extenders for the gutter pipes, to route water away from the foundation, and a can of quick-patch. this stuff can be shoved into holes in masonry that actually have water coming in actively, and it requires a respirator and eye protection.

and i am totally psyched to try it out! for the last five years, i have been water's bitch. it has come in and i have patiently shoved it into the drains, sucked it out of the air with machinery, and tried to pretend it wasn't killing my house. now i have a tool that may actually keep it out and i'm eager to try it out.

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those gutter extenders are wonderful. I put them on all my gutters last fall and they've made an amazing difference. we used to have standing water all around the house but we never see it anymore.

Posted by: Sarah on March 7, 2005 09:23 PM

i don't know if they'll be a permanent solution, but in the short term they should help.

Posted by: lisa on March 7, 2005 09:40 PM

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