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August 07, 2004

damngood day

got up brightandearly yet rested, nothing like cool weather and sleeping under my beloved feather duvet.

after paying bills online i got to work on the front lawn. reduced the rose bush in size by a factor of about 10. that was quite the task. its bizarre support system of wire covered in plastic tubing has completely disintegrated. if i decide to bring in a pro at some point i may ask them if they can construct a better support system.

decided it was time all the old damp leaves came out of the beds, pulled tons of weeds of course, trimmed a lot of stuff down. got maybe 1/3 to 1/2 through the front lawn, did reclaim the sidewalk which had gotten down to just a narrow pathway and completely filled my yard waste bin in the process. plan to finish the front tomorrow.

in the afternoon my new bug friend chris came over to hang out, talk about the fate of newbug carolinas and we were going to try and steam clean his seats. he also took a hatch-ful of stuff off my hands-- two very old macs, and the original hubcaps from my wheels. i just love young people who love to collect crap.

sounds like he's going to take newbug carolinas and really run with it, he's got tons of enthusiasm and energy, so i'm pretty pleased about that. maybe he can really get something going.

this evening i watched dogtown and z-boys (thanks sarah for that recommendation) which really was pretty great. it made me think about the new beetle culture stuff that i was involved with early on, and now folks are starting to regard certain events as historic, as it becomes clear that new beetle culture is its own little niche in the vw world. i was trying to explain to chris how new beetle shows are different from the big vw shows, but i think i totally failed to get it across. he really didn't seem to know anything about roswell until i explained it to him, of course now he is determined to go next year. had never heard of nbeast.

during the movie i was able to boot the ibook with the dead hard drive into target disk mode and successfully recovered all of my data! it's now backed up to the firewire drive, as is the most recent data on the powerbook. yes, i have actual backups that are current.

i'm definitely feeling a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. looking out at the front yard, even unfinished, makes me feel just great-- the landscaping is still there, it just has to be uncovered. tomorrow i hope i can finish the front and side, and still get my food shopping and prep done.

maybe tomorrow evening i can get the cube upgraded via target disk mode... then i will have knocked out almost all of my computer maintenance tasks, which will be great! and i'll be able to print again, which will be nice.

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