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July 18, 2005


i'm feeling very reluctant to discuss the harry potter book, because the few discussions i've been privy to on LJ have been speculation about future plot-- not analysis of the current book-- for the most part.

i really enjoy coming at the books with my own, completely disengenuous take on the plot. almost everything is a surprise to me, and i like it that way. i don't think very hard about what might happen in the next book, nor do i want to.

i guess when the last book came out, the blogosphere didn't really exist, or not the way it does now. so i didn't have any avenues for stumbling across conversations about it. most of my friends turned their noses up at it and i read it, long after many other people had, while i was on the road for several weeks by myself. discussion of the book was a non-issue for me.

some vague spoilerish stuff under here:

now if you would like to discuss the characters-- for instance, the way harry sadly leaves hagrid out of his list of people who have protected him over the years, or the development of ron or hermione, or the lack of many good secondary characters, well, that would be cool.

although i might need to re-read it to really hold the details in my head. oh, and to find that other typo that i saw.

Posted by lisa at July 18, 2005 12:37 PM


spoilerish comments: I think Georg pointed out that the list from which Harry omits Hagrid is not people who have protected him, but people who have died protecting him.

I was disappointed by the lack of Neville. In the beginning it seemed like they were setting him up to be a big part of this book, but then he more or less disappeared.

Was also very disappointed by the big reveal with Snape. I think that previously Snape was one of the most interesting things about the series: a weasely, nasty guy who hates Harry & is the villain of many, if not most sub-plots, but is still a good guy in the overall story arc. If Snape is actually a big "V" villain, that diminishes the series for me. I'm crossing my fingers that somehow things are not what they seem.

Posted by: Sarah on July 19, 2005 08:35 PM

i'm completely in agreement about snape. i always loved that there was this animosity with him, but he was always saving their asses anyway. he's an awesome character.

the lack of secondary character involvement and development in general is a pity in this book.

so today i decided that hagrid is a surrogate mother to harry. he feeds him and takes him shopping and comforts him when he's down. and he's a very nurturing guy in general.

Posted by: lisa on July 19, 2005 10:55 PM

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