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January 20, 2004

same lisa time, same lisa channel...

looks like i'll still be on from 8-10 every other tuesday, now splitting with georg. (tonight is my off night).

i got my hands on a copy of the "man with a golden gun" soundtrack, and there's some really hot stuff on the second side that i'm sure you'll be treated to if you listen.

i also found a copy of "this is reggae music, part 2". i've had my hands on the first volume for a few years; there's a great lorna bennett song that i play from time to time called "breakfast in bed". well, i listened to part 2 for the first time last night, and was amused to discover a response to her song, by her husband! (the song is all about infedelity, although it sounds as if lorna's male visitor is the person cheating on his wife or girlfriend, with no mention of lorna's own status). i have to say, though, it's an awfully good-natured response. it's hard to understand what he's saying-- he's basically just talking over a recording of her song, in a thick jamaican accent. after responding to lorna for a while, he starts berating the guy who is with him in the recording studio (also in a fairly good-natured way).

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you wanna do next tuesday? i'm on this thursday for the last week of the old schedule so that'll work for me.
in other music news: sometime in the next few weeks we should be getting a new live CD from David Krakauer, with DJ Socalled sitting in.

Posted by: georg on January 20, 2004 10:26 AM

that was not my husband. the artist that did skanking in bed was Scotty. he was merely dee jaying in the style of the 1970's. glad u enjoyed it. i am singing again. if u are interested i could send u some of my new material

all the best


Posted by: lorna bennett on December 13, 2004 11:36 PM

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