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December 21, 2003

radio lisa

as anticipated, there was no 12-3am dj after me last night, so i continued on until 2am. i almost completely ignored playlist, and as is always the case when i do that, i got calls from people saying that they liked what i was playing. i'm sorry to the xdu music directors-- but that just doesn't happen when i do a playlist-heavy show.

in fact, i originally decided to call it quits at 1:30am, and announced that over the air. a guy immediately called me and begged me to stay on. i'm easy; that's all it really takes. i stayed on til 2. he called again at 2 and tried to convince me to stay on longer, but i had already started shutting things down and i was pretty loopy-- too loopy to really do a good job, actually.

one of the reasons i largely ignored playlist was because i'd sifted through my entire vinyl collection and a good chunk of my cd's and had brought quite a bit of my own music with me. i even broke out this steve reich box set ("drumming") that i almost never play. it turned out to be an excellent way to start the show-- it mixes with virtually anything, even the "all robert earle keene, all the time" hour that preceded me-- and sheds a lot of light on the glenn branca track we've currently got on playlist. branca was so clearly listening to this stuff when he started out, probably that exact piece in fact.

bendte told me recently that she likes to listen to my show because i give some background on the music i play. i really had not noticed that i was doing that; i don't go into a lot of detail, but every once in a while i'll have an interesting tidbit to share. i hate it when dj's go on at great length about the personnel on a record or boring stuff like that, so i usually try to keep the info to tidbit length. but since she's said that, i've let myself go a little more and am probably more likely to share a little.

i did make a very interesting discovery while on air last night. i played a track from this joe meek comp that i play almost every week lately, and realized the lyrics were oddly familiar. turns out that one of my all-time favorite songs by the fall, "o, brother", is a cover of this song. the original is "little baby" by the rondos, and the lyrics make a hell of a lot more sense when you replace "oh, little brother" with "oh, little baby". crazy old mark e. smith.

steve reich popped up again later in the show; there's a dub cd by weevie on playlist right now, and i was startled to find that one of the tracks was called "bruise blood dub" and had a little notation next to it which said "come out to show them". well, that's from a very early reich track, in fact it's on "early works". sure enough, the weevie song samples from reich (who was himself sampling when he composed that). i'll have to bring "early works" with me next time i'm on air and play the two together.

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altho i do get calls every once in a while about something i'm playing that's on playlist (the last 2 were about the meters and gotan project), i think the reason there might be more calls when you're doing an off-playlist show is that the playlist is new. most listeners won't be familiar with it. no matter how much they like the new thing you're playing, i think they're more likely to call when you dip into the back catalogue and pull out that one song that they love that they haven't heard in 7 years. and that's more likely to happen if you're staying completely away from the playlist.

Posted by: georg on December 21, 2003 05:43 PM

i think you're right, but i think there are two other reasons.

- the stuff from my collection is stuff i've culled over many years. i think i do tend to favor stuff that has an accessible and energetic sound and people respond to that. so even if its something they've never heard before, it's still a pretty easy listen (as college radio goes).

- i struggle a lot with not knowing the playlist, despite putting a fair amount of effort into trying to get to know it. for some reason, it's a hell of a lot harder than it used to be. i'm not sure why that is. but the result is that i'm probably not presenting the playlist in its best light.

Posted by: lisa on December 21, 2003 11:28 PM

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