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April 12, 2005

lost songs

there are a few songs, just a very few songs that i once had access to through some emphemeral means (an album on loan from a now out of touch friend, a cassette recording that is lost or destroyed now) and have not been able to identify and locate through the magick of the interwebnet.

one of them i did find tonight; it is "persian love" by holger czukay and there's a sample of it on amazon, just enough to confirm that i want to hear that song again, but not enough to pay amazon price for the whole cd. of course, it's not on iTunes. maybe the station has it. i knew it originally through one of the old WOMAD compilations of the 80's, and only knew that it was by czukay and that it sampled a shortwave broadcast from the middle east.

funny thing is, i found it because someone else who was looking for it, and found it in a much more unlikely way, posted his story of finding it on this holger czukay guestbook. (find on WOMAD to see his post.)

the other one is a song i've never been able to identify. i recorded a snippet of it off WXYC while i was in high school, probably in 1984 or 85. i haven't been able to find the cassette it was on for some years now, or i would have digitized it and made all my friends listen to it.

i think the band sounds a little bit like the three o'clock, but no searches through three o'clock discographies or lyrics sites yield any results. the only lyric i remember went something like, "Julie's not Julie anymore."

oh, and there's a shrimp boat song that i once had a dream to that i've never been able to find. but since all shrimp boat songs sound basically the same, that's ok.

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did you read the article about "persian love" being some dudes favorite record?


Posted by: dickumbrage on April 13, 2005 08:37 AM

i had not-- thank you.

Posted by: lisa on April 14, 2005 08:51 AM

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