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December 31, 2003

enough radio to choke a large horse

i did two shows today... 2 - 4pm and 8 - 10pm.

it was very quiet, though at the end of the second show i did have someone call to ask what the last few songs were, which was gratifying.

and jason had a kind word.

bendte arrived for her 10pm show sporting a new haircut; we both go to the same guy to get our hair cut. she said their inspiration for how he did the back was that scene in 16 candles when the girl gets her hair caught in the door and her friend cuts the hair off to free her.

she cracks me up.

i also talked to sylvia in the afternoon, about thrift stores and, oddly, horseback riding. i also gave her some advice on men, but she probably won't take it.

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