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August 29, 2004

back to sub-land

well, i decided to go back to being a sub for this semester. my plan is to ask for a regular shift again in the winter.

i've pretty much decided that i do want to do something to help the starlite, though i'll need to talk to those avon ladies first i think before i plan anything!

so that, coupled with nbeast, work on my house and yard, the halloween party, the old north durham web site, many long-promised but never delivered items for the radio station web site (like, a new web site ), and the westy, means that i could use an extra evening free every other week.

it all kind of culminates in october, or at least nbeast (which is driving certain aspects of the westy project) and the halloween party (which is driving a lot of the house stuff) do, so my hope is that i'll be nearly bored in november and december. or else i'll be completely burnt out and unable to do anything but watch re-runs of "mad about you" on tv.

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