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September 25, 2004


i took friday off; after being stressed and anxious to the point of panic attacks over the last month, a day off seemed like a good idea. and then of course it turned out that the weather was fabulous, so it worked out really well.

i've been accomplishing stuff in the house for the last two days, but in a very relaxed way, without stress. it's been pretty nice.

i did find a use for those shoeboxes actually! it turns out that Born apparently packs all their shoes in the same box, and since i'm a big Born fan, i had enough uniform boxes to re-organize the sewing equipment that had come to me from my grandmother. everything had been packed into old boxes that were falling apart, or shoved into plastic bags-- many of which were also falling apart. the Born boxes are so sturdy and uniform that even when I have a proper piece of furniture to store the sewing stuff in, it may remain in those boxes.

i also took a couple of smaller shoeboxes, cut holes in the lids with an exacto knife, and put some old candles that don't look pretty anymore in them. since the candles still smell nice, i am sticking the boxes into closets to make the closets smell nice. is that crafty or what? and if/when the power goes out, i've still got a ton of usable candles in the house.

my bedroom is now almost completely decluttered, which is a huge thing. it still has a little way to go, but i can actually clean basically all of the floor with the swiffer, which is great-- that room is always full of cat hair/dust that is so gross. i finally managed to get the dividers for an ikea cabinet that i bought years ago, pounded together correctly. they are made of four piece of wood that are slotted together. when i originally tried to get them together, i couldn't get them all the way into place. i bought a rubber mallet and had the brilliant idea of applying a little wd-40 to the situation. bingo! they came together perfectly.

i thought i might try to assemble the cabinet, but ran into a small problemo: i can't find the hardware and instructions anywhere. i dug through many drawers with no result. i guess i'll have to continue to clean out parts of the house, and hope i run across that stuff somewhere along the line. my hope is to use that cabinet to store the sewing stuff; although the sewing stuff is more organized, it's just kind of floating around my bedroom and will become clutter again before long.

this afternoon i read through parts of 'herb gardening for dummies'. i think i have a list of herbs that i'd like to grow and which will do well here in NC. i don't plan to try planting anything until spring, and then i will buy seedlings to plan rather than trying to start my own seeds.

in the backyard, there's a bed that was extremely disorganized... almost like a place where elizabeth randomly planted a bunch of stuff, or stuck things she was moving from another area. i didn't really like anything, so i've razed it. the only thing left is a shrub that i thought was a tree-- my tree guy was the one who set me straight on that. why the hell would someone plant a single shrub in the middle of the yard? it is as mysterious as many other things she did-- like the butterfly bushes in equally random positions, which i gave to my mom because i was tired of mowing around them.

well, it dawned on me today that since i have a single shrub in the middle of an oval bed, i could do a very nice geometric design of herbs around the shrub, perhaps in concentric circles. use herbs more as decorative plants than as kitchen plants, but the oval is small enough that i'd probably be able to tend and harvest everything i planted.

i envision still planting herbs in the bed at the side of the lot, that has also been razed-- but needs to have approximately one metric ton of lily rhizomes pulled out of it-- they're sprouting up eagerly again despite having been sheared to the ground a couple of weeks ago. honestly.

and, finally, i want to do tulips in a border along my front walkway. there's one tulip that sprouts there every spring-- so i know they will grow there despite the shady conditions, and even perennialize. those will need to be planted before thanksgiving according to the 'north carolina gardener's guide'.

i've finished watching the first season of 'dead like me', which i highly recommend.

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