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December 13, 2003

not so cleanly swept

i had one of those weird days where i started cleaning, not up, but OUT. i think it was partially fueled by a peppermint mocha.

i've now got batches of stuff to go to goodwill, batches to sell on the bulletin board at work (unless any of y'all want some pink plates? (not the fiestaware.) didn't think so.) the tiki party supplies are on their own shelf in the china pantry-- as is all the cocktail stuff, which was my ultimate goal. the beautiful hostess platter that sarah and georg gave me has finally gone into the china pantry as well.

if i had a large team of hapless pa's to help, i'm sure the entire kitchen would be completely cleaned out and organized. but hey, i don't. i didn't attack the food pantry, except to pull the ice cream maker out of it, because it's a several hour job in and of itself.

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