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July 04, 2005

mostly not about perfume

so after a week of total hypoglycemia hell, i feel really great, and even feel like socializing for the first time in at least a month. it has once again been made clear to me the effect that diet has on my mood and energy level (duh).

saturday i stopped by santa salsera's awesome vintage yard sale, and got an evening bag (for all those fancy dinner and dance clubs i go to, in my sequined evening gowns), and small brown leather-covered suitcase which actually will be perfect for the times when i take my karmann ghia convertible through the Alps, top down, scarf on hair Grace Kelly-style, on my way to summer skiing with the "fast" set.

what can i say? i lead a rich fantasy life.

later on i dug a mint plant out of my garden and took it to loteria. i came away with a crappy promo cd, which is not exactly a fair trade, but i supposed that is not why one goes to play loteria with one's friends. i enjoyed very much talking with b. crews, savior of wxdu, minty, various other people, and sarah and georg. sarah and i unfortunately dominated the conversation with BPAL talk at one point... but other people seemed genuinely interested. it spreads virally.

after, i took georg and sarah by to see 9 westy, then by my place to sniff a few things. one of the funnest parts of scents like eggnog, hearth, and graveyard dirt is watching other people smell them for the first time, because it really is kind of amazing.

i started daydreaming about a summer party, things i would do with the back yard now that it is somewhat tamed down. i guess i should leave those things as a surprise but i think it could be very cool, provided i can get the mosquito population under control.

feeling renewed energy yesterday, perhaps because of socializing or perhaps it's just the absence of feeling crappy, i worked on the van for a couple of hours. the first time in three weeks. i think i should probably set myself a quota of hours i need to spend each month.

last night i decided that two parties in a row would be too much, so i stayed home and received a call from Team Whig Hill. we had a bit of a walk around then retired to the Library for refreshing drinks which lead naturally to huffing (perfume, not glue, dummy!) and fiddling around on the organ.

watching chris hold vials up to his nose, draw deeply then contemplate for a moment, i was reminded of that scene in 'harold and maude' where maude is demonstrating her "odorifics" machine to harold. "Snow!" says Harold, on his final, satisfied whiff of "New York Subway in Winter." "Moldy basement!" says Chris after a deep sniff of "Graveyard Dirt." heh.

anyway, there's an Elvis marathon on TV and I have a westy project that i can do at home. plus, i got hot dogs and bacon at the store yesterday. and there's a halfway decent chance i'll make it to Yet Another Party today.

and props to the cube, the little mac that could. i am feeling very comfortable using it now. it even has vpn installed, so i can handle oncall issues from home.

Posted by lisa at July 04, 2005 11:57 AM | TrackBack


I saw a TV show about nontoxic mosquito repellents that you can use on a whole yard, but I've been having a hard time tracking them down. Will let you know if/when I find them & how well they work.

Posted by: Sarah on July 4, 2005 02:24 PM

I enjoyed very much talking to you at la loteria too, and hearing about fragrances!

And I just have to say, any entry that mentions Harold and Maude is a damn fine entry. Yay!

Posted by: minty on July 5, 2005 09:23 AM

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