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August 11, 2008

the cat on the (yoga) mat

it's been a difficult few days with the mo. i don't think it's the end yet, he's still too into food for that to be the case. but something's not right.

around friday or saturday he stopped walking altogether and could not even stand up with help from me. everything else was still pretty normal so my thinking right now is that it may be due to an injury. possibly due to low blood sugar. he's making some attempts this evening to stand up, but his feet keep slipping, so i've put him on my yoga mat. for those of you who have never used one, they are kind of sticky and help keep your bare feet from sliding.

the weirder problem is with food. he won't eat unless i literally put food under his face-- and then he eats hungrily. he can be just a few inches away from his food and water and will not even scoot over to eat it. i can rattle the dry food in the bowl and show it to him and he acts all excited, but won't move toward it. it's really frustrating.

it could simply be an appetite issue but he seems to eat a normal amount so i'm not sure about that.

anyway... we go in for a checkup wednesday so we'll see then. maybe his kidneys have finally gotten worse. maybe his diabetes is getting better. maybe he's just senile.

Posted by lisa at August 11, 2008 06:44 PM


Sounds like my cat Sam. He got to where he couldn't stand or walk, and had not much appetite unless it was under his nose. He is a CRF & diabetic cat too. He is now on subQ fluids every other day, plus Epakitin, a phosphorus binder, twice a day, plus famotidine 5 mg once a day, plus 2 units of Lantus twice a day, plus 1/2 a tablet of Tumil-K, a potassium supplement, twice a day. He is doing well now & has regained some of his weight. I feed him whatever he wants, some stinky wet food and Purina DM dry. He's 14 & my boy & totally worth it.

Posted by: ellen on August 12, 2008 02:48 PM

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