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May 30, 2004

my cat hates S&TC.

so i've been on another full-blown S&TC kick, dragging out all the dvd's and watching from season one straight on through. when i get going i can actually get a lot of work done while it's on, though i have to admit that it's a distraction as well sometimes. in fact, i met up with sarah and shayne at ooh la today, got there about 15 minutes early and worked in hyper-focus mode while shayne graded papers and we waited for sarah to arrive. got an amazing amount done in just those 15 minutes but i can't sustain that level of focus for too long.

anyway... i had noticed today that moses was sticking pretty much exclusively to the bedroom, which is unusual. usually if i'm working in the living room, he's right by my side-- but not today. it was kind of freaking me out-- since franny died without warning, i'm always trying to be on the alert for signs of illness, especially since cats will hide illness and injury for as long as possible.

i reached S&TC saturation point a short while ago, and finally shut the tv off altogether.

and soon thereafter, in wanders moses. he's sitting next to me on the sofa, in his usual position, as i write this-- for the first time today.

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