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October 16, 2007

mo and other updates

i was feeling pretty worried about mo last night; he really slept hard all evening and through most of the night. the kind of sleep where he doesn't wake up the moment i touch him or move around. i skipped the insulin altogether, but it was all feeling hauntingly like the night before he was diagnosed with CRF.

but this morning, all seems to be well. he came to the kitchen for breakfast and it looks like he'll be in the clean bowl club pretty soon. there were no weird surprises in the house when i woke up. so i'm feeling much more reassured (and better rested).

last night i came home and slapped a coat of paint on the doors and shelves. i think this process is going to go fast although it looks like we might actually get rain on thursday, so i need to find a way to protect them. the paint dries fast so i should be able to stack them, which will help.

last night i changed out my warm weather shoes for my cool weather shoes and was sort of dismayed to find that i have more spaces than i have shoes, now. i don't see any shoe-buying in my immediate future, either. of course, i don't need any new shoes, i have a perfectly good shoe wardrobe, so i have no real complaint here. i guess i have become used to excess.

in the jeans department, however, i definitely do not have excess. i have so far only found one pair that fit me, and i seem to have a pair missing. i'll hunt for it in the attic again. the pair that fit are becoming threadbare, which puts them squarely in the "nights and weekends" category. i may reluctantly have to shop for more.

i also became disgusted anew at my lack of hanging space. i want my fairy godmother to drop a wardrobe into my bedroom. and a new chest of drawers while she's at it; something with a little character, and where all of the drawers can actually be used to store things.

well, enough of that. i should go to work or something.

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